Letter from the President

Hello MERC members!

Welcome to our first Minnesota Employee Relocation Council newsletter. I am excited about this new communication platform because I think it will continue to build the comradery of our organization and it will ensure that everyone is up to speed on all the exciting things that we are doing to keep our organization alive. You can expect to receive this newsletter on a quarterly basis via email. The newsletter will contain information on MERC's upcoming events, new members, the financial state of the organization, the state of our market and other "juicy" tidbits of information relevant to the work we do. We will also have some fun with the contents along the way such as recipes, event photos, interviews, etc! If you have suggestions or ideas, please feel free to share those thoughts with myself, a MERC Board Member or Eric Rakow.

Special thanks to the MERC members who helped with the initial vision and development of this new communication tool including, but not limited to, Beau Bruneau, Eric Rakow, Sarah Ritter and Shawna Brezny!

Enjoy your first read! I look forward to seeing you all this fall at our MERC events.

With much respect-
Shannon Brown